Clear Plastic Visor Rain Cape

Crystal Clear Plastic Rain Cape

69,00  Inc. VAT

Crystal Clear Plastic Rain Cape, transparent PVC/PU plastic rain cape with contrast trim.



Crystal Clear Plastic Rain Cape with a vizor.

The cape has two buttons to keep it from sliding over your clothing and a vizor hood with strings for windy weather. The cape is transparent and has contrast trimming.

This cape is one of the most popular of the line and it fits any bag when folded, even a medium sized clutch! Very practical, covers your shoulders and back, protects your makeup and the hood is big enough to keep a big updo or any voluminous hairdo safe. A durable hands free solution for rainy days.

Additional information

Weight600 g

Trim Color

White, Black, Hot Pink, Acid Green, Maroon, Hunter Green, Olive


  1. Ljubica Zimic

    I wish there were pictures of other colors, I think maroon looks better than white and I’m glad I decided to go with color. I wear it over my classic trenchcoat, beige with that tiny pop of color is just what I wanted. As for the hood – a little too big for me. I noticed the buttons on it later 8) and adjusted it, clever placement. Thanks for the fast delivery!

    • Loreen Krause

      Dear Ljubica, we are happy to hear from you! Fortunately, we are preparing new pictures, it takes more time than we anticipated, so thank you for the patience and for risking it with color! Happy Holiday Season!

  2. Rory D.

    This is a very cool cape. On a mission to outer space, ha-ha! Purchased it for a photoshoot, very handy in the rain when you need to work with expensive equipment.

  3. Corey Ferguson

    A great item, arrived on time. A little side note: the hood is HUGE, so I had to add an extra button. The hood holds in place really well, looks almost like thin glass, captures attention a lot!

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