Clear Polka Dot Raincoat

New Clear Polka Dot Raincoat video on our channel

We are currently working on video materials, so you can see what our plastic raincoats look like in real life. This one is a custom made polka dot raincoat that is based on our bestseller for Weddings, that you can buy here. You can order a full length version of our clear polka dot or […]

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Clear Plastic Raincoat worn by Joan Bennett

The history of clear plastic raincoats part I.

Did you know that clear raincoats existed since XIX. century? It is believed that first non-industrial use of plastic foil has been documented around 1890s. The idea of wearing a protective coat that is see-through and fashionable as a classic rain mac was the next step. Every fashion savvy woman dreamed of having such a […]

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Fabulous clear Mannittoni rain cap.

The history of clear plastic raincoats part II.

It’s time to review the new age and contemporary plastic raincoats! Plastic is a part of most production processes nowadays. Clothing and accessories are no exception. Since the start of XXI century we have a wide range of plastic coated textiles and a variety of vinyl based fabrics that are tinted, frosted, patterned or completely […]

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