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The history of clear plastic raincoats part II.

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It’s time to review the new age and contemporary plastic raincoats! Plastic is a part of most production processes nowadays. Clothing and accessories are no exception. Since the start of XXI century we have a wide range of plastic coated textiles and a variety of vinyl based fabrics that are tinted, frosted, patterned or completely clear. Many young and talented designers opt for these materials today. Well established brands are no exception: YSL, Valentino, Prada, Hermes, Chanel, Burberry & Nyla all had versions of plastic raincoats throughout the decade. Lets see what happened in the last decade of plastic raincoats and accessories front and, since a picture is always worth a thousand words…Clear and see through fabric always has a sort of futuristic vibe to it, there is nothing else that looks as identifiable with future as clear plastic or vinyl clothes. Etsy sellers also try and test many types of clear accessories like clutches, backpacks and wallets. Now you might wonder why we would picture all those other brands that create similar products and we have an answer: because we support the unique and creative aspect of these rare items. It is a little strange to see copycats, especially when Teen Vogue requests your coat for a photo shoot and right the next season all major brands have a plastic coat in their lineups. But when people copy things it is because they must like them, right? So we are happy and in any case, we are a small production and our price range is different from the High Fashion brands & we sincerely care about each of our items being up to a certain standard, so that our customers are happy and get exactly what they paid for. You will find cheaper coats in Chinese production, the quality level, however, may not be what you expect. Ours are proudly and with love made from EU materials in the European Union (UK plus Czech Republic & Monte Negro).
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