About Our Company

About our company and Mannittoni.eu

Our company was established in the 90s and in 2001 part of the team  moved to Czech Republic as a family business and founded United Brands Prague s.r.o., the other part of the team resides in London, UK as an independent contractor under a Mannittoni.eu Rainwear and Accessories division of United Brands Prague s.r.o.

We aim to bring original fashionable rainwear to everyone.

Mannittoni.eu is a part of the United Brands Prague s.r.o., a Private Limited liability company with HQ in Prague, Czech Republic, EU.

  • Our small-scale production is based in the EU, part of it in Czech Republic.
  • We solely use Czech Post, EMS, FEDEX and DHL to deliver our products worldwide.
  • We value each customer and handle each order carefully.
  • We use PVC materials produced in the EU, which are in compliance with all the relevant EU standards.